Escalator Mockup



Saffron Brand Consultants commissioned Addikt to work on the visual production of the dynamic identity created for Austria’s biggest telco group. A1 is the result of a merger between Austria’s biggest fixed-line provider, Telekom Austria and the country’s largest mobile phone company, A1. The new A1 offers fixed and mobile telephone, internet, TV, Business Solutions and a wide range of additional services. A1 has 10,000 employees, 7 million customers (in a country of just over 8 million people) and revenues in excess of €3 billion in 2010.

We worked with Saffron from the pitch phase. After Saffron completed the strategy and basic design, we developed the 6 lead A’s. The 6 A’s were used to develop the brand movie to explain the new brand-strategy internally. We also created green-outlined worlds to give a setting to the A’s. After approval from the board, we worked closely with Saffron to create all final A’s to be used across various media.

We’ve created A’s in every form, style, shape and mood possible for print, digital and moving purposes. The A’s are all over Vienna and the rest of Austria, from billboards to buildings, from brand films to in-store projections.

Metro Mockup
Building Mockup
Magazine Mockup
Electric gasstation Mockup
Paris Wheel Mockup