Technological advancement has empowered people now more than ever to shoot high quality footage and a lot of it. Almost everybody has the required hardware for a decent production in their pocket. To optimize the use of such mobile devices as well as easily accessible professional camera equipment AkzoNobel appointed us to create video guidelines.
These guidelines consisted of two main parts the first being about planning and the second on editing followed by a third element on how to optimize reach of the final production.
Planning is about thinking through all details of the planned production in order to avoid common mistakes such as annoying background noise or boring single angle footage. Edit included details on how to utilize the library of existing motion graphic and sonic elements ensuring a further connection between the footage and the AkzoNobel brand.
Guidelines included practical tips and recommendations to set a clear AkzoNobel tone of visual as well as an ownable description of the desired character of expression. The result was a concise and cohesive set of guidelines designed to empower the people at Akzo Nobel to create quality videos for both internal as well as external communication.




To help AkzoNobel create consistency in all the video output that is produced by their various offices around the globe, we created the AkzoNobel Motion guidelines.

An easy to use motion branding toolkit that all their local production houses or internal videographers can use to create recognizable and ownable content for AkzoNobel.

The toolkit consisted of a set of adaptable wipes, openers, closers, logo animations and text containers. We also delivers a system for name- and designation titles.

The guidelines also came with descriptions on how to use the open files that were delivered and how to use what for the various social media.