Unifying video content for efficiency and effectiveness.

Akzonobel, the Dutch multinational and a global giant in paints & coatings, produces a large volume of videos regularly to inform and engage with their audiences, and internally to communicate ideas.

To unify their content experience, AkzoNobel commissioned Addikt to create an identity that ties together videos produced by the various production houses and in-house content producers for internal & external brand communication.

The AkzoNobel motion branding toolkit that helps AkzoNobel produce consistent videos across their global offices. The easy-to-use toolkit enables local production houses and in-house teams to create recognizable and ownable content for AkzoNobel.

An efficient and effective way to unify content for a multinational brand. The guide includes practical tips and recommendations to set a clear AkzoNobel tone of visual. A cohesive three-part process – plan, edit, optimise – empowers AkzoNobel to create quality video content for both internal and external communication.




The guidelines consist of three parts:
1. Planning
2. Editing
3. Optimization

“Planning” guides users think through the details of a planned production and avoid common mistakes like annoying background noise or boring single-angle footage.

“Edit” includes info on how to utilize the library of existing motion graphic and sonic elements – this also ensures a further connection between the footage and the AkzoNobel brand.

“Optimization” includes recommendations on how to optimise the reach of the final content.

The guidelines also contain descriptions on how to use the open files that and what type of motion and elements to use for social media.