Creating the right tools that reinforce learning and knowledge in a fast-growing startup

Due to its enormous success, as a company grew faster than its knowledge infrastructure did. The company realised that to speed up the process of disseminating knowledge and promoting effective communication among its staff, it had to reinvent the learning model.

As learning doesn’t always happen in a classroom, created a partner interaction programme called Impactful Conversations. Unlike traditional programs, this one was built for ongoing integration into the business and on-the-job learning.

Addikt designed the visual identity and the style guide for Impactful Conversations.


Impactful Conversations, the partner interaction programme, was created to enable people to take control of learning, describe high performance interactions and reflect on the impact of their conversation for the benefit of other staff.

The purpose of the system was to encourage staff to shift partner interactions from a simple supply-demand approach, towards learning to evaluate a sales situation and recognize the value of every commercial conversation. Such tools empower staff to make an impact whenever they interact with a partner.

A good visual language can address all of these issues by catalysing learning and subtly pushing behavioural and attitude shifts through engaging and actionable content. Addikt designed the Impactful Conversations Identity from this perspective – an identity for all levels of training, ranging from videos to posters from one-off presentations to multiple templates, and everything in between. 


The identity system is humanizes content meant for organisational learning and growth. This regularly brings everyone back to the program fulfilling its core objective of having regular updates and on-the-job insights on impactful conversations, and transferring this knowledge quickly to other teams and staff.


Addikt designed the identity system around two types of interactions. The first type of interaction is somewhat direct in tone and happens fast, while the second is slower, more interactive and emotive, implying an on-going, collaborative process or cycle.

An exclamation point is a natural choice for symbolising impact. With its simple, geometric two-part structure, it can inspire a rich visual communications system when set in motion.