The approach for interacting with partners
The enormous success of made that the company is growing faster than its knowledge infrastructure. This calls for immediate action and realized that learning doesn’t just happen in a classroom.
We were asked to help build a visual language around their partner interaction program, unlocking people’s ability to take control of learning, describe high performance interactions and reflect on the impact of their conversation. Moving away from “training programs” towards on-going integration within the business and on-the-job learning.

We helped create a platform that helps employees do their best work by making every conversation high impact. This for example means tools that encourage partner interactions to shift from a simple supply – demand approach to employees learning to evaluate the sales situation and recognize the specifications of every commercial conversation. This empowers them to make an impact whenever in conversation with a partner.

A good visual language can help address all of these issues by silently communicating recommended behaviours and attitudes as well as delivering content in more engaging and actionable ways.
Therefor we created the Impactful Conversations Identity. An identity for all levels of training. Ranging from videos to posters from one-off presentations to multiple templates, and everything in between.



The first is somewhat hard, fast and direct in emotional tone, while the second is generally softer, more interactive, implying an on-going, collaborative process or cycle.

The exclamation point is a natural symbol for impact and with its simple, geometric 2-part structure, it can be the basis of many rich visual communications systems when transformed and set in motion.

It is the transformations that humanize it, make it friendly and inviting, while regularly bringing everyone back to the program’s core objective of having Partner conversations that matter.