We were invited by fellow Grit.network partner Dog and Pony to help create the new visual, motion, and sonic identity for Eredivisie.

Eredivisie (founded in 1956) is the highest professional football league in the The Netherlands where 18 clubs compete annually for the cup. The league has produced world-class players that have had fantastic international careers.

The Eredivisie expressed two main ambitions: firstly, connecting with the importance of football in Dutch society and secondly to internationally position the league at par with Europe’s best football leagues like Bundesliga and Premier League.

This led to two main communication propositions of Eredivisie: our football implying supporters’ ownership of the team, the game, and the experience and Made in the Eredivisie referring to all the talent produced in the Eredivisie.




The new identity and logo is constructed around the E icon, an abstraction of the field center mark and is the starting point for a rich, modern visual language that works throughout all communication levels and platforms.

Either side of that center mark is equal but inclusive of the supporters that side is more than a standard division of the playing-field. The Diagonal line symbolizes the inclusion of the emotion and support from the crowd. In motion the diagonal slices the screen, text or footage and can reveal content.

In execution it was important to take into account that several broadcasters had to implement the identity in their programming. Hence, we created a modern system that is easy to adapt on any linkable platform.