Maruti Suzuki Dealers Conference 2019, Macau.


In May 2019, our work for Maruti Suzuki's Annual Dealer Conference 2019 was released. The Conference was held in Macau. Addikt, commissioned by Gravity India, branded the experience for both the Arena and Nexa dealerships.

For the conference, we designed a distinct event identity around the theme Together We Win and created all moving content. For Arena, the graphic language to support the screen & stage presentations was inspired by cities and urbanscapes. We abstracted the basic elements of a city map to create this identity.

The high point of the experience was the powerful opening act – rappers and dancers performing live on stage – to amplify the effect, we created a supporting video that played on all the screens, enveloping the audience in the performance.

Check out some glimpses below. Case study soon.

Also, this wasn’t our first time working for Maruti Suzuki. The Abu Dhabi conference is here.