DARE 2019.
The Rabo Leadership Experience

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In May, Addikt partnered Rabobank for the 2nd year as partners for moving content and the event experience, for DARE – the Rabo Leadership Experience. Rabobank is one of the world’s leading cooperative banks working in the Food and Agri industry in particular, with a unique mission to build a better, more sustainable world at its heart. For a bank, that’s unusual!

DARE is a 2-day event held in the Netherlands where inspiring thought leaders from across the globe speak on topics around creating a positive change in the world, and the role that different individuals, teams and segments play in making it happen. The goal of DARE is to inspire Rabobank to make the leap as a bank striving to build a better world.

Addikt, commisioned by FK Projects, created content for brand marketing comms. and immersive event experience for DARE. As part of the pre-event promotions, we created a video invite explaining the relevance of DARE 2019 to its attendees, targeted short videos to attract different audiences, as well as the opening video and stage & set design that set the mood for the on-ground experience.

Check out the DARE 2019 Aftermovie that captures its energy and overall experience.
Experience DARE through this talk by Roebyem Anders.

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