New Hires


Simplifying onboarding of thousands of new hires for, the world’s no. 1 accommodation site, has more than 8000 employees worldwide and each year the brand hires many more. The New Hires program of helps on-board new hires each year and acquaint them with the brand, its values and standard operating procedures.
Our client faced the challenge of communicating clearly and efficiently with large numbers of new hires, and the pressure it put on existing resources. To solve this, tasked Addikt to create an internal communications tool for the New Hires program.


Our approach was to streamline the program’s content and create one single communication tool - an online film for the New Hires program – that could be used for new hires, and could serve as a refresher for existing employees. The film briefly points out all the tools available to every new employee.


With a record amount of new hires in the following months, the New Hires film got the new employees off to the right start. It eased the immense pressure on the internal help desk and assisting resources.

Overall, the film helps quickly and clearly convey key information to a large newly-hired workforce. It remains a useful reference for their existing employees.