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Bringing a tech start-up alive across screens.

It isn’t every day that an Indian startup takes on big smartphone brands, but CREO offered something truly unique to Android fans across the globe. CREO previously launched Teewe, a streaming dongle that’s similar to Google’s Chromecast but with increased support for video from sites, torrents and local media.

Based on the experience from Teewe, CREO successfully launched its first smartphone named Mark 1 and the android based Fuel OS.

Addikt, in collaboration with CoDesign, created a living identity for this Bangalore-based tech startup.


We explored how the “CREO Maker” strategy could be brought to life visually, with a set of proper guidelines. Our goal was to create a clear and consistent structure for motion and animation that works on screens of all sizes. From mobile booths to web content, tv-ads and live events.

Phone thumb

Deliverables: Living Identity System in collaboration with CoDesign; Press Launch Event Experience; Product Film.


In addition to all “in-product” assets, we made a moving brand toolkit that future CREO consultants could use to create consistent communications across channels. We included ready-to-use logo build-ups, transitions and typography templates, and of course sonic branding, to make the toolkit clear and comprehensive.

Given our love for designing for on-ground experiences, for the CREO Mark 1 brand launch, we produced all content for the event. We also made a product film highlighting the hardware and the software approach. CREO received great press and made a mark in the smartphone arena.


The cubic CREO icon is a flat representation of a 3D shape. By creating the illusion of a 3D logo using the -C- object as construction skeleton we made sure the logo would be energetic enough, both in motion as static. The colorful ribbons move as they are pulled over the construction skeleton.