Motion as a key communication asset for a growing indian startup

Housing is a basic human necessity and one of the largest housing markets in the world is India, home to a huge population and a flourishing rental economy.

Now more than ever, people rely on the internet for renting housing. One of the earliest players in the e-rental business in India is Housing.com – born of the opportunity spotted by a group of 12 students from IIT Bombay to create the property search website in June 2012.

Evolving to meet new and ever-changing needs, Housing.com commissioned Addikt to animate their vibrant identity and use motion design as a key communication tool.

Idea & Results

We saw in Housing.com, an aspirational startup that wishes to set a new benchmark not only in India, but globally.

With this vision, Addikt created a motion brand/style guide that demonstrates how the various assets of the identity can come to life on various platforms. The first outcome of this partnership is the Online Rental Agreement film, which shows off just how advanced Housing.com is.

Housing_City on yellow BG-01