Jindal Steel


Positioning a stealthy product that’s the backbone of progress

Jindal Steel (JSW) is one of India’s largest steel manufacturers and their TMT Rebars are used all over India. To support the new brand identity for Jindal Panther TMT Rebars by Saffron Brand Consultants, Addikt created a short film explaining the brand’s main narrative. Strength, agility and a quiet presence.


The Jindal Steel Panther Brand Film explains the brand’s values and relevance in a developing India.
TMT Reinforcement Bars are the backbone of a rapidly developing economy. From education to housing, from transport to infrastructure, from skyscrapers to healthcare, reinforcement bars support almost every modern structure and building. They’re strong and agile, and present even when you can’t really notice them – like a stealthy Panther. 
Watch the Jindal Steel Panther brand film to know more.

TMT_Power station