D&AD Awards 2014


A spectacular launch to India’s top advertising & digital awards, the first D&AD Kyoorius awards.

Organised by Kyoorius in partnership with D&AD, the Kyoorius Advertising & Digital Awards (aka the Kyoorius Creative Awards) are one-of-a-kind awards shows that annually recognize the best works in Indian advertising, digital and design.

In 2014, the very first Kyoorius Awards Night was held at the NSCI stadium in Mumbai. More than 1200 industry professionals from the advertising, media and creative industry gathered to celebrate the first Kyoorius D&AD Awards.

Addikt designed the show & stage design and planned the show flow for the Awards night, which turned out to be a spectacular show honouring the winners.


The show merged a dramatic concert-like experience in a massive stadium, with an open lounge seating where people could mingle freely with colleagues and contemporaries. Whether you win or you don’t, there was something to keep everyone pepped up.

We created an interactive stage using a combination of video content and performance art (professional dancer performing live on stage). The video and music responded effortlessly to the performer’s motion/activity on stage. The experience brought together graphics, light, sound and music with live performance keeping the ambience energetic and spontaneous.

KAA_Red blue triangle


24 hours after pulling off the Awards Night, team Addikt was back in Amsterdam and praise started pouring in. We’ve seldom experienced such incredible feedback and massive response via social media:

An ecstatic Manish Bhatt, Founder & Director, Scarecrow Communications, remarked – “I have been to Cannes for the last fourteen years, but what I saw today was better than Cannes. In fact, I can say that Cannes can learn things from here!”

Piyush Pandey, Executive Chairman & Creative Director – South Asia, Ogilvy & Mather – “I can only think of two words – Fantastic! Amazing! And I haven’t seen a show like this for a first-timer ever in my life, and I think Kyoorius will go a long way,”

Chitra Narayanan – “Forget the ad award winners, the real winner tonight at Kyoorius awards is the set designer here.”

Rajesh Kejriwal, Founder-CEO of Kyoorius – “We are absolutely excited about the way our first year of the Advertising & Digital Awards has turned out. What a great start! My heartfelt thanks go to everyone that’s made this event possible. We’d especially like to thank Addikt for a fantastic show.

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KAA_Dancer Cubes