BrightBlu Partners Amsterdam and Mumbai-Based Addikt.



BrightBlu partners Amsterdam and Mumbai-based Addikt for communications, branding, identity design and mobile app.

BrightBlu, the Indian intelligent charging solutions company, partners with Amsterdam- and Mumbai-based communications agency Addikt. Addikt is responsible for BrightBlu’s branding, positioning and identity that play on its core philosophy - to allow anyone to drive an electric vehicle by making charging easy, accessible and affordable.

With Electric Vehicles being the need of the hour and the ambitious targets set by the Government Of India to spur the adoption of EVs, BrightBlu looks to accelerate its operations in the Indian market at an interesting time building on the strength of its team of international experts and 20+ years of combined experience in global electric mobility markets.

Addikt worked closely with the core team at BrightBlu on all corporate and customer-facing communications, branding and identity design, the Mobile app interface and the corporate website. The brand positioning – Taking Charge – not only indicates the game-changing nature of the company but also the freedom it wants to offer to its users by liberating the EV charging market. The brand’s tagline “Charging. Made Easy.” reinforces that BrighBlu prioritizes a seamless experience for its users, especially within a relatively nascent EV market like India. Efficiency, simplicity and positive impact are the core values on which the branding and identity for BrightBlu are designed.

The BrightBlu app smoothly integrates with the smartphone: the touchpoint where its users are most likely to interact on-the-go. The app allows its users to track charging sessions and keep track of usage at their fingertips. Being future-proof is in BrightBlu’s ethos, evolving and upgrading as its users upgrade to newer electric vehicles in the future. The branding and visual identity reflect BrightBlu’s future-positive and tech-optimistic stance.


Barry Schwarz, Chief Creative & Co-founder, Addikt, on the journey to bring the BrightBlu branding to life:

“We are very excited about our partnership with BrightBlu. We feel that through BrightBlu we can really make a contribution to the transition of India from conventional mobility to EV mobility market and make an economic and sustainable impact. We want to bring the vision of team BrightBlu alive by sharing their stories as they conquer this new market.”


Acknowledging this creative partnership, Wybren van der Vaart, Co-founder & CEO of BrightBlu, said:

“We’re very excited and proud to have entered into a long-term partnership with Addikt to build the BrightBlu brand. Addikt brings onboard a seasoned team of high quality professionals who are responsible for the brand positioning of some of the world’s most innovative and cutting-edge brands. From the rebranding of Tata Motors Limited and the Indian Premier League to doing extensive work for Volkswagen and Bentley we can safely say that the BrightBlu brand is in the right hands and we look forward to leveraging our partnership with Team Addikt in the coming years.”

About BRIGHTBLU®: BrightBlu’s mission is to enable everyone to drive an electric vehicle by making charging easy, accessible, and affordable. We do this by offering a suite of integrated intelligent charging solutions consisting of hardware, cloud-enabled services, and support for drivers of electric vehicles and charging station owners. Visit