Maserati MMXX – the beginning of a new era.



It is clear that 2020 didn’t pan out the way we expected. One of the most exciting things we had lined-up for 2020 was Maserati MMXX.

The year 2020 is an important milestone in the history of Maserati, and to mark this, the brand also planned to launch a new car at the Geneva Auto Show held annually in March.

In collaboration with Remi Oerlemans (FeelRouge), we created the overarching concept, name, and identity design for a new era for Maserati – the year 2020, MMXX.
We pitched the narrative of Maserati MMXX, a new chapter. We also designed its identity.

The pre-Covid idea was to expand on MMXX through a series of lively activities around the venue of the Geneva Auto Show – serving some of the best Italian “Delicatezza”, while revealing the Maserati latest model.
A 100% quintessentially Italian experience immersing people in the brand's story. Although this remains conceptual, Maserati was impressed with how well the concept captured the essence of this milestone.

The Maserati MMXX narrative, identity, and name we pitched was officially adopted by the brand integrating it in their communications.

Check out the official press release from Maserati. Follow #maseratimmxx on Instagram for more on the campaign.