The sound of comfort.
Sonic identity for Sleepwell.



Sleepwell, India’s leading brand of mattress, cushioning & comfort products, initiated a brand rejuvenation program in 2017 to express its distinct position in a marketplace with low brand-differentiation, and refresh brand communication with a renewed zeal for the future. As part of this overall brand rejuvenation for Sleepwell done in collaboration with Codesign, Addikt imagined the brand sound and designed a soundscape that captures the sheer bliss of comfort.  

Codesign created a new visual vocabulary to bring together communication for a diverse range of products, to enable a stronger distinction in media-rich environments. Addikt created a sonic identity that is light, warm, and modern, complementing the visual language for Sleepwell.

The Sleepwell soundscape offers a section-wise progression of comfort moods from mellow to active, offering multiple possibilities for use across touchpoints from ambient retail music to campaigns.

New yet nostalgic, fresh yet familiar, the new visual and sonic branding for Sleepwell distinguishes the brand and helps Sleepwell be confident, relevant, and contemporary.

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