Motion Identity

How to bring out the brand character in digital storytelling.

Rabobank, operating in 37 countries, is a cooperative bank with a mission. Believing that together more can be achieved than individually. Cooperating with their stakeholders the Rabobank has been dedicated to tackling societal challenges for 125 years. Rabobanks 2 million members can provide input on policy through the Member Councils, locally Rabobank contributes to liveable communities and globally Rabobank helps rural clients to innovate and become more sustainable.

Rabobank. Growing a better world together.


Problem to solve

After the Rabobank global brand identity update by WolffOlins, the motion part of the digital communication was not yet unified. Different countries, agencies, and departments were creating an array of various motion designs based on the brand identity.

Addikt was asked to translate the ‘static’ Rabobank brand identity to a motion identity. The brand identity can be summarized as Growing a better world together through our cooperative mentality.

How do we translate this mentality to motion design principles that are recognizable, inherently Rabobank and easy to use?

Our approach

Rather than using the existing graphic characteristics as a starting point, we translated the Rabobank Core Design Principles to a set of motion behaviour rules.

Human at core

Simple, smooth & fluid.
Avoiding the opposite: Staccato & fidgety.


Positively energising

Moving towards targeted growth.
Moving from (bottom) left to (top) right.
Activating speed of motion. Result oriented.
Avoiding the opposite: Moving in all directions.
Avoiding exaggeration: Hyperactive. Nervous.

Coherently flexible

Adaptive and aware of its context.
There is always a transition.
Always with purpose, always connecting.
Avoiding the opposite: Weak or clueless.

Purposefully bold

Fearless. We do what is needed to support our message. Every element has a purpose. Movement is starting from our origin.
Avoiding exaggeration: Loud, intrusive.


A set of easy to follow rules and ready to use design templates, uploaded in the global Rabobank Brand Guidelines Portal.