Script, By Godrej – Branding & Identity

Script, By Godrej Branding & Identity


Positioning contemporary furniture in the minds of urban india.

Script is a young new brand by Godrej & Boyce, offering contemporary furniture & décor accessories to the mass-premium urban markets in India. Script marks the entry of the well-known Godrej group into a vastly different segment from their established budget furniture brand, Interio.

Addikt, in collaboration with Codesign, worked closely with Script’s internal project team, to articulate the core brand idea and create an identity for Script.



Idea: Design For New Living


‘Design for New Living’ is the soul of the Script brand. It captures the urban zeitgeist, coupled with Godrej’s design-led offerings.

‘Design’ denotes Godrej’s legacy and culture of innovation in design & manufacturing, also cueing craftsmanship. ‘New Living’ denotes changing aspirations and ways of urban living in India, which Script addresses.



Branding that speaks to the evolving urban India. Script was launched in 2018 with ‘Design for New Living’ at the core of all brand communications. Addikt, in collaboration with Codesign, brought alive the audio-visual vocabulary of the Script brand.

The Shift, is the characteristic motion of Script that gives it the sense of newness and change on-screen. The graphic elements as well as the sonic identity inherit the Shift as the characteristic behaviour of Script.

Rhythmic & bold, the Shift moves with consistent pace and ease to unveil different content and settings.




The Logo signature uses only the characteristic Shift behaviour to mark the beginning or end of branded content. The logo signature reiterates brand presence through its starkness and simplicity.

The Graphic Elements inherit the Shift as the characteristic transition device and are designed for use both as single units and gridded patterns. The sonic identity of the brand, celebrates the decisive motion of the Shift motion behaviour.

Global, contemporary and agile—the master soundscape has multiple layers grounded in a base staccato string that complement the pace of motion. The sound logo, is a distilled essence of the soundscape, and emphasises the bold pace of the logo signature animation as a standalone marker of brand.