Volkswagen Beetle Malaysia
The icon is back


An award-winning experience to mark the return of an iconic automobile

In 2012, Kuala Lumpur the stage set for the return of one of history’s most iconic automobiles – The Volkswagen Beetle.

Addikt, commissioned by DVP China, designed the on-ground experience for the reveal and created video content telling the impressive story of the Volkswagen Beetle. Over three days, more than 15,000 guests witnessed a spectacular Beetle reveal show and a complete Volkswagen brand experience.


Addikt specializes in telling stories and creating experiences across mediums: screens and on-ground. Here, we told the Beetle story by combining 180-degree-screen projections and stacked LED cubes, with performing artists and car choreography. The spectacle of the larger than life graphics and the energy of the performers added drama to a much-hyped event.


This project was awarded 3 times at the Marketing Events Awards, recognizing Asia’s best event marketing concepts and events.

It won a Gold in the following categories:
• Best B2B event
• Best Event for Press / Media
• Best Event Ambience (B2B)